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Thoughts From Kristi

Welcome to our site....

I am Kristi Tift, founder and owner of Destiny. I participate in the day to day business at Destiny as a Licensed Massage Therapist and as the Spa Director. Most importantly, I want to send out my Thank You's for taking the time to visit our site and to trust in our facility for your services. Whether they be for you, or a loved one.

It is my goal every morning when I step both feet on the floor to thank the universe for the opportunity to serve others in the way that we do. I was born to serve my community.....I can remember always doing the smallest hings to make people happy. It was so important to me to know that others were content and satisfied with everything that I did for them.

Destiny is my life ......I appreciate the opportunity to be of service to all that seeks day spa and salon services.

No we are not perfect and we are all still learning through experience each and every day that we open our doors to the public.

"Experience is the name that we give to our mistakes"

From my heart I bring to you the very best in service, techniques, modalities and experience...........

Destiny Day Spa & Salon! I love what I do and I hope it shows with all we do and with all we offer.

Take the time to treat yourself and others to "A Soul Enriching Experience".

Check back periodically for updates on "My Thoughts".

Yours in Service,

Kristi Tift
Founder and Therapist

I like to share inspiring books and authors that I love. Check out Danielle Laporte, she is an amazing author and inspirational leader!!